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"The League" (working title) is another off-shoot of the comics I did about Jon and myself for BSS. The original idea was to incorporate a series of utterly incompetent superheroes that managed to overcome equally ridiculous villians. I presented Jon with the idea of producing a giant, multi-part piece about these characters, and he agreed. We're currently finishing up Discount Steve's part, so expect to see that here once it's finished.

The League Roster is as follows:
Catjaw - The "Leader" of the group, Catjaw is an old hero who takes himself just a little too seriously. he has a cat for a lower jaw. He's originally a creation of SacrificialGoat on SA, but I liked the character so much I got permission to use him. Catjaw is an inspiration to us all.
Camping Man - A cosmic force of Vengeance (and camping!), Camping Man's origin can be found in the relevant section.
Discount Steve - A travelling salesman who sells equipment to super-powered people. He's always accompanied by his sidekick, Sales Associate Jerry.
Venus DeMilo - A powerful, independent woman with mythological ties. She's made of near-indestructable living rock. And she has no arms.
The Door - A wooden door, and the archnemesis of The Tyrant. Somehow, the Tyrant always loses to The Door.
Captain Hero - A superpowered hero that fights for justice. He's extraordinarily generic in his mannerism and presentation. He has so many powers, he forgets which ones he has.

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