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If you were wondering, my acutal portfolio is here

So hey, I'm Robert Jones. I'm a grad student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). I'm currently working on a Masters in Mathematics. I have an undergrad degree in Mathematics, with a second major in Philosophy. I'm also a freelance artist. And a part-time astronaut.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the content on the site is mine. I enjoy doing a lot of art stuff in my spare time, and so I figured I'd build a site to host some of the better work I'd done online, so it would be easier to show people. Previously, I'd used my UMBC account to host the site, but it was a temporary solution at best (also it looked like crap).

A couple of years ago, I ran for president of the UMBC Student Government Association and put together a campaign website. More or less ripped off the Howard Dean site, "Elect Robert" was used for a few months until the election was over (I lost). Since everyone that saw the URL ( asked me "who is electro bert jones?," and I'd paid for the domain for a year, I decided to continue using it for my new site. And, despite a rocky bit involving a hosting change, it's been pretty good.

So this is my space. It's not a blog or anything, but more just a place for me to post the art I work on that I don't feel like putting in my portfolio.

At any given moment, I'm currently working on a revolving set of projects. Right now I'm wrapping up Sidekick (to be posted soon), and I'm working on more SAS players and revamping Sellswords. I occasionally do commissioned work as well (my contact page will usually contain my current stance on commissions). I'm also working on putting together another website,, and it's finally moving along. So look for that soon enough.
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