Rob icon The Legend of Camping Man
Camping Man is a character I originally came up with while staying over at my friend Brock's house. I was working on Greenstone St. at the time, and he had to shop for camping gear. At inception, he was a superhero that just spent all his time camped out on peoples' lawns. Later on, I reintroduced the idea to my then-roommate and English major Brian Arnold, adding a bit about how Camping Man punishes people by punching them to death. Also, he's magic.

Brian loved the idea, and we did a short comic that he submitted as a final project for Blumberg's sequential media English course. He got an A. Later on, I added Camping Man into a short strip I did with Jon, and that's how he came to be part of The League.

Anyways, here's the original "origin" story of Camping Man, written by Brian Arnold.

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