Rob icon Work Work Work
So you've gotta be wondering what the hell happened to me. Well, I got a job. I'm doing market research analysis for the Discovery Channel now, and between that, grad school, and the GDC, I'm staying really busy. I have some new artwork to post though, so I'll be putting that up soon. In the meantime, keep on keepin on.

Back sometime soon. Maybe Sunday. Maybe.
- 10/18/06, 6:35 AM
Rob icon A Brief Intermission
It's been a busy week. Between working, school, job interviews, art, and the UMBC Game Devs Club, I've been booked solid. One of the new things on my pate this week however, is a website that I"m fairly proud of. The new website,, is a sports comedy website where I will be posting football cartoons and articles about my beloved Dallas Cowboys on a weekly basis.

Also, I've been working on translating the Zeno comic work I did into something I can publish on a weekly basis. I'm submitting it to The Retriever Weekly, UMBC's newspaper, and this time they were excited about my work. Hell, if all goes well I may even replace "Quotes from the Quad," a terrible feature in the paper that gives the Family Circus a run from its money when it comes to being pure unadulerated shit. So look for that, and of course I'll be posting those comics here as I work on them.

Back Sunday, probably.
- 9/14/06, 8:37 AM
Rob icon My Con Report
Ok, so against my better judgment, I went to Baltimore Comic Con this year. Having been dragged to New York Comic Con by Jon earlier in the year, I was justifiably wary of Cons. See, they had overbooked the New York Con, and the room had got cramped and hot and had apparently accumulated dangerous CO2 levels. By the time we got there, they weren't letting anyone in. Fortunately, some friends of ours helped us get in by hooking us up with press passes and we just lied about our identities. And once we got in, it wasn't pleasant.

This time, I had done work for Jon in the form of pages for his comic Sidekick, which I'll post later this week. He was going to both hand out the pages we'd done and because he's an editor for the Silver Bullet Comics website, he had to go to do a Con report. But that also meant he could get us both press passes. So, armed with Greg's old camera, I reluctantly agreed to go.

Now, I hated cons before New York Comic Con. I mean, they're crowded, hot, and packed with incredibly loud, fat, and smelly people. And even though they are there to talk to fans, I don't really like talking to my favorite creators, because when I think about it, I wouldn't want people talking to me if I were in their shoes. But I ended up having quite a bit of fun this time. I got a lengthy but polite critique of my artwork from Image Submissions Chief Erik Larsen, and I got some things signed by Mike Oeming of Powers fame.

I also decided to get some sketches. I had Kyle Baker do a sketch of me (shown below). I wanted to get Oeming to do a sketch, but he was booked when I got to him. Later on I realized I had no idea what I wanted for a sketch and when I told Jon that I guessed I'd maybe get a guy fighting a shark, he insisted that we have it done. So stopping over at Oeming's table, I asked for a sketch from who at the time was just a random artist, Scott Wegener. He apparently hadn't had many (or any!) sketch requests that day, and so he put some extra love into my request of "A dude in a suit punching a shark in the big gills." Later I asked him to add the guitar and sword and "Fuck you, Shark!!" text. But he did a bang up job, and I hope he ends up getting some work in the funnybooks business.

Lastly, I did up a sketch of a guy fighting a shark just to round things out. I've also posted it here. Enjoy.

Back later this week.
- 9/10/06, 7:50 AM
Rob icon Double Stuff
Ho ho! See, this is how things go. You didn't expect an update for like, another month, and then out of nowhere, I swoop in and drop a load on your chest. A load of update, I mean.

This update has those charity fight images I promised. I've gone ahead and uploaded them to the Art Fights Section so you can get a look at my set of images. This batch turned out pretty well, although admittedly they lose something when everyone else's images are cut out.

The entire batch of images (for all 4 of us) were done in about 12 hours, which is some record art-making, if you ask me. Anyways, I'm putting a few preview images here for the hell of it. Enjoy

Back sometime soon.
- 9/03/06, 7:18 AM
Rob icon Sketchbook: Project Tempest
Ok, I've been busy and this update is late. I have a lot of stuff to upload, but I won't be able to do it for a little while. I had a big art fight with McNinja and Chickensuit and Donkeyslayer on the forums recently to raise money for the Ronald McDonald house toy drive. I'll put that up next.

Anyways, here are some of the better sketches I did for Project Tempest, which is now on hold.

Back again in 7, hopefully.
- 9/04/06, 10:48 AM
Rob icon Even More Football
A little late on this update, sorry. Anyways, I've been plugging along with these pretty well (still getting around one done per day), although progress may slow down when I do the fundraising avatar thread for the NYC Toys for Sick Kids goon meet. Anyways, enjoy.

Back again in 7.
- 7/31/06, 8:18 AM
Rob icon More Football
Ok, so I'm back after a week, as promised. And I've got more SAS avatars up to boot. In particular, take a look at the Ladanian Tomlinson avatar. I felt particularly inspired on that one, and I think it turned out really nice.

Back again in 7.
- 7/23/06, 11:38 AM
Rob icon The 2006 SAS All-Stars Draft
Ok, so this post is a little later than I wanted it to be, but I've been busy. Anyways, I've got a big update this time! I've been doing a new set of football avatars for the SAS crew over at the Something Awful forums, and this time I'm doing it draft style. I'm going to try to do all the requests I currently have, although I may not finish before September. At any rate, I put the first batch of them up on my site, over in the SAS Players section.

But what the hell, lemme post them here too.

Anyways, I like the new batch. Sure they don't look fantastic at full size, but they look great at 125x125. I'm happy with them, for now at least.

Anyways, back in a week or so.
- 7/16/06, 6:14 PM
Rob icon I. Love. My. Job.
Shock and Awe: I've posted again, and in less than a week's time!

Anyways, remember that new job I mentioned? Well, it kicks ass. Yes sir, I have finally joined the ranks of astronauts, cowboys, supermodel photographers, and pie tasters everywhere and become one of those guys that loves their jobs. But I see you there, all being doubtfull. You maybe rolled an eye, said "yeah, whatever." But you look here, I'm not kidding. My job is awesome, and I have visual evidence.

This is what I got paid to draw yesterday:

Yeah, I rule.
- 6/30/06, 6:14 PM
Rob icon Meanwhile...
Alright, almost done moving into the new place, and I've got some work lined up. It's been a busy couple of weeks. I just started a new job last week: I'm an illustrator over at eCity, and that's a pretty kickass job.

Anyways, I'll be spending more time with the website soon. I've got some new things planned that should be fun to look at. In the meantime, here's a robot I drew.
- 6/25/06, 12:06 PM
Rob icon Movin on Up
Ok, so I've been pretty busy trying to find a job and get into this townhouse that Jon and I are going in on. We just got greenlit on it, so we'll be moving in as soon as we can get the funding together.

Otherwise, it's gonna be a while before I can do a proper update with images and the like. I'll do something once we get internet access set up in the new place.
- 6/03/06, 9:27 AM
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