Rob icon Giving away stuff!
Ok, so I'm not here with the logos I designed yet. Those are coming up next time.

Instead, I've got something better! As many of you know, I'm moving into a new place with Caroline this month. It's a great place, but we're consolidating our things and there's quite a few things that we just don't need in the new place. The following are the things that we're giving away:

2x microwaves (hers, mine)
1x toaster (mine)
1x Baker's Rack (mine)
1x Metal kitchen shelving unit (hers)
1x punching bag (free standing, weight with water or sand)
1x bed (full-sized, mine)
1x bookshelf (5 shelves, mine)
2x red rugs
1x black entertainment center (mine)
8x wooden barstools (mine)
1x dresser (hers)
1x bedside table (hers)
2x bendable colored lamps (mine)

Any and all of this can be yours for the low, low price of hauling it off. Just shoot me an IM and let me know when you can swing by to pick it up. Any time before 5/28 is optimal.

- 05/17/2008, 11:58 AM PST
Rob icon A year older, probably half a year wiser
Man, I need to start scanning and uploading more art to this site!

So what have I been up to? Let's see... Well, I turned 25 on Saturday (May 10th). That was pretty sweet. Had almost everyone over (Cory and Steve, I'm looking angrily in your direction right now), and it was a blast! We played football in the field near my house (my team lost due to the receivers being unable to catch the ball. also our smashmouth, run-first offense did not perform so well in 2-hand touch football. Also, Greg came down for the party, and Brock was there, who I hadn't seen in years, which was sweet.

It had rained that day, so Mikey fell into a huge puddle when he ran past the endzone for a catch and had to change into some spare clothes Marcus brought (hence the photo of the old Sean Taylor Jersey).

As far as the loots go, it wasn't bad either. Ray got me the special edition version of Commando, which is fucking awesome. Mikey got me the 5-disc DVD set of "America's Game" episodes that feature the Dallas Cowboys, which is awesome, and as a Redskins fan, probably physically pained him to buy. Dave got me some steaks, which is awesome. Chaz and Laurie got me a Game Stop gift Card, and Stas gave me some cash, as I recall. Anyways, let me throw out the thanks again. You guys rock!

That's it for now. I'll be back in a week or so to talk about some logos I designed.

- 05/14/2008, 6:54 AM PST
Rob icon My New Job at Lotame
I know, I know, I promised I'd be back quicker than this but I got distracted. Anyways, time for a real update!

So, most of you know that I got a new job. I'm a business analyst at a company called Lotame Solutions, Inc. We do behavioral targeting for advertising on social media sites. It's a pretty sweet company. Anyways, a few weeks back, I wrapped up work on a short animated piece for the company's marketing group. Extra props on this go out to Paul Vance, who helped with the computer-generated animation (done in Blender) and hooked it up with the music. The video isn't very long, but hand-tweening the animation frames was a hell of a lot of work. I think I drew and colored 130 or so frames of animation for what ended up being like, 15 seconds of video. In short, animation sucks.

- 04/11/2008, 9:12 AM PST
Rob icon I'm Back!
Holy shit, has it been a while! Sorry for not posting. I kept putting it off, mostly from a lack of new artwork to post. I um... still don't have new artwork to post right this second, but I'll be posting it next week. It'll be a video!

A quick update on me, and why I haven't been around: I got a new job! It's with a company called Lotame Solutions, Inc. I'll talk more about that next time though, as my next art post will also be about my new job. So sit tight, folks.

- 02/28/2008, 9:43 PM PST
Rob icon Quick Check-in
Hadn't posted in a while, thought I'd check in real quick. Had a good vacation over Christmas -- very relaxing, spent some quality time in Texas enjoying the warm weather. Haven't done much new art stuff recently, but I'll finish the third round of my Notts Crew charicatures soon. In the meantime, hold tight.

Also, Happy New Year.

- 01/4/2008, 11:25 AM PST
Rob icon My Crew, Part 2
Welp, it was about time for a follow-up. By popular demand, here's the second round of drawings and details about my life's unique cast of supporting characters. There are still a few more updates to do though, so don't lose heart if you haven't seen yours yet.

Becki Lee

AKA: "The Missus"
Age: 24
Strengths: Crocheting, Hard-hitting journalism
Weaknesses: Greg, Cats
Attracted to Greg for reasons known only to six people in the mountains of Tibet, Becki occasionally makes it out to our Tuesday night sessions. She used to run a website called "Crochet my," wherein for a marginal fee, she would crochet you up a vagina. I use mine as a coaster!

Chaz Marquess

AKA: Chuck sometimes, I guess
Age: 26
Strengths: Tech Support, Information Systems, Setting things on Fire
Weaknesses: Fire, Being set on Fire
Chaz reminds me of Dave (profile forthcoming) in that he's pretty quiet most of the time. He's cool though, and a more than willing host/sponsor for grilling and cook-outs over at his place when I want to grill up a bunch of steaks without doing dishes later on.

Laurie Marquess

Age: 26
Strengths: Programming, Hosting Parties
Weaknesses: Ponies, Disney Princesses, Sailor Moon
Chaz's wife, Laurie is the much more outgoing and outspoken of the two. She's also a willing host to most of my culinary convocations though, and will help out with dishes and food preparation, so she gets a pass in my book. As her 'weaknesses' profile suggests, she's weak against most girly cute things, and has been known to stay up late watching marathons of the live-action Japanese Sailor Moon show with Stas (profile forthcoming).

Chris Wells

AKA: Ninja Panda,, Fat Spider-Man
Age: 30
Strengths: Biology, Gardening, Bycycling
Weaknesses: Bass Guitars, Showing up to Things
My down-the-street-but-friend-before-that-neighbor, Chris is an awesome guy. He's a frequent participant in our weekly Sunday Football extravaganzas, and will often bring over his weiner dog, Watson for the fun. Despite being a great guy, Chris is slippery like fishes, and at times can be incredibly difficult to get ahold of, and is also infamous among the crew for flaking out on events and hang-outs. We still love ya though, buddy!

Ilija Stevcev

AKA: Ilijor, Double Deuce
Age: 24
Strengths: Programming, Yelling, Drinking
Weaknesses: Doctors, Drinking
Ah, Ilija. There really isn't enough time or space here to properly describe the phenomenon that is Ilija. Our group's resident Macedonian, Ilija is frequently the catalyst behind many "Oh my god I am never drinking again fuck I swear" mornings following a night at Nottingham's. The man is a drinking machine, and he is literally always up for hang-outs. He's currently in Macedonia right now attending to some personal business, but I expect there will be a Grand Drunkening awaiting him here when he returns.

That's it for this installment. Part 3 will be up when I finish drawing and coloring the next 5 or so. Also, for those of you who were wondering, I'm putting these up in the order I drew them in. Which means they're going up by order of how easy it was to draw you, and not by how much I care.

- 12/16/2007, 7:21 AM PST
Rob icon My Crew, Part 1
Ok, so since I've been working on little drawings of my friends for a week or two now, I figured I'd post what I'd been doing up here on the site. This also gives me a chance to formally introduce the people that constitute my crew. Note to the crew: These are going up in the order I drew them more or less, which is to say no particular order.

So without further ado...

Robert "Electro Bert" Jones

AKA: Rob, Frenchie
Age: 24
Strengths: Art, Math, Guitar, Football
Weaknesses: Bullets
This is me. I host the football gatherings every Sunday over at my place, and I started the Notts get togethers on Tuesday nights. I'm also the 2005 and 2006 Regional Hammerfighting Champion.

Caroline Smith

Age: 22
Strengths: Math, Shopping, Photography
Weaknesses: Bunnies, Cats
My girl Caroline. She's totally awesome. She started coming out to the Notts things on the first night, back in July, though I'd known her for a couple of years prior to that. I've already posted about her before, so I won't go into too much detail here.

Mike Rummerman

AKA: Absolut Mike, Mikey the Jew
Age: 24
Strengths: History, Football, Madden, Guitar
Weaknesses: Yuengling
Ah, Mikey. The worrier of the group, Mikey is usually the straight man for most of our jokes. The really great thing about Mikey (and you can kind of get this from his posts) is that he's hilarious, but he thinks he's not, and so he's even funnier because of that. Mikey's cool though, and usually on the short list of "must-invites" to essential functions.

Greg Chiasson

AKA: Dreg,
Age: 24
Strengths: Web Development, Photography, Selling Housewares
Weaknesses: Bed Bath and Beyond, dongs
Greg is one of two people (Cory being the other) on my S-list. That is, when I want to hang out, I call Greg and then I call Cory and if neither one of them can hang out, I actually say "Man, tonight might not be a good night to hang out." And then I have to seriously rethink my plans for hanging out. Greg is also a web developer extraordinaire, as you can see from his work on this and the sites.

Marcus LePage

Age: 24
Strengths: 3D Modelling, Programming, Motorcycles
Weaknesses: Beer
Marcus is a trooper. A soldier, if you will. I met him back in the UMBC Game Dev Club, when I was cracking the whip at the art team each week to get work done for Scarred Steel. Marcus not only put in superstar work on that project, but ended up being cool to hang out with. Though he lives out in the middle of nowhere, Marcus is a Sunday football regular and a Tuesday Notts staple.

That's it for now. Part 2 will be up when I finish coloring the next 5 or so.

- 12/04/2007, 6:45 AM PST
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