Rob icon Quick Update
Hey again, gang. A quick update this time, since I don't have any other recent art stuff scanned (that'll be posted next time), and because I really want to keep the site updated on a semi-regular basis, if not a weekly one.

Anyways, this is a sketch I did of Ami James, the main character of TLC's hit series, Miami Ink. There are posters of him up all over the floor of the Discovery building I work on, so when I got bored one day, I sketched this up. This piece is slightly unusual in that it's a more elaborate pencil rendering in a much more realistic style than I normally work with. Sometimes I like to do more life-drawing type stuff and work more with shadows and light, and I'm getting better at it.

Anyways, enjoy, and I'll be back later with more art stuff, and maybe some photos I took at my grandpa's funeral.

- 11/19/2007, 7:30 PM PST
Rob icon My Girl Caroline
Hey Gang, how's it going? It's been a while since I posted, but a lot of that is because I haven't had much new stuff worth posting recently. So this time I'll say a few words about this girl I'm totally crazy about, Caroline.

This is her:

I met Caroline back in Math 301, in the Spring of 2005. She was also a math major, and ended up in my study group (which at the time consisted of me, Math Trucker Steve, Engineer Jake, Meagan, Caroline, and Lena). So this year, we'd known each other for a while, but neither of us knew that the other person liked us, until she went out drinking with us at Nottingham's one Tuesday and told me she was totally into me (This was a shock to me because I thought she didn't like me). I told her I really liked her (she thought I didn't like her), and things just kind of went from there.

Anyways, she's really cool. She comes over on Sundays to hang out and watch football with us. She's rapidly becoming a Cowboys fan, which is awesome. This is a picture of me and her from when we went out drinking with some friends in Silver Spring:

Anyways, I really like this girl and figured I'd have to post about her at some point, since my family reads the site. I'll be back in a few days to post some art stuff I've been working on.
- 11/09/2007, 7:00 AM PST
Rob icon More to come
Hi everybody. Haven't updated in a while. Sorry for that.

I've been busy with school and work, and spending a lot of time with the new girlfriend. I finally hooked up with this girl that I'm totally crazy about after two years, so that's been eating up most of my drawing time recently. And since I hate to post updates without some kind of art content (otherwise this would just be a blog), I just neglected the hell out of the site (More on the girl later).

Anyways, I'll get some new arts done this week and post those up here. Then I'll get back to a more regular updating schedule. I've been promising a few people artwork for a while now, so I have some things I need to work on and post anyways. In the meantime, me and the guys have been keeping the site updated, so be sure to check that one out.

Back in 7. Or sooner, if I find something to post.
- 10/23/2007, 8:15 AM PST
Rob icon Rob Hate Meetings
Got the idea for this week's update from Caroline, who really likes the doodles I do in the margins of my notebooks when I'm in class or in meetings at work. I typically draw when I get bored, so I tend to doodle a lot during meetings at work (I hate meetings). Here are some of my favorites of the bunch:

That's it for this week. It's been a really good week for me so far, but more on that later. I'll be back next week.
- 09/26/2007, 9:10 PM PST
Rob icon Just a couple of sketches
Can't sleep, blah blah blah, updated the website.

The following are some more recent sketches of mine. I typically don't flesh out sketches as much as I did these, so it's sometimes tough to find update fodder in my sketchbooks. Anyways, the first of these is a sketch of a girl that's more a light/shadow study than anything else. The other 4 are character class sketches/designs I was kicking around for Project Tempest once upon a time.

That's it for this week. On the plus side, I seem to be getting the hang of this "updating every week" thing. On the minus side, I'm worried I'll run out of [good] content before the end of the year. Just gotta draw more, I guess.
- 09/18/2007, 4:54 AM PST
Rob icon Random Assortment of Goods
Ok, up early again with another quality post. This time I've uploaded a random assortment of things I've done recently.

These are the latest football avatars to be done for my SAS Avatar draft thread over on the SA forums. This one has both Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson. The third image will link you to the full-size tank.

This next one is another piece I did for Caroline, mostly since I hated the first one I did for her (see last post). This one turned out much better, but took me longer. For those of you unfamiliar, this one is in the style of Scott Pilgrim, which is seriously one of the best comics ever and you should probably go buy it immediately.

Finally these are some designs I was working on earlier this year. I've had a game design I've been tooling around with for a couple of years now, and I'll periodically revisit the art for some of the game. These were part of my last pass at it. When I finally start making that game with the Legendary Studios crew, I'll tell you everything about it that's not prohibited by an NDA.

Anyways, that's it for today. I'll be back again in a week or so. Probably with some sketchbook stuff that time around. In the meantime, I'd like to remind everyone that we've started updating again, so swing by and check that out if you're into football.
- 09/12/2007, 5:09 AM PST
Rob icon Some kind of terrible mistake
This post is about a girl. Her name is Caroline, and she bothered me until I drew this for her. She's quite possibly the most infuriating person I've ever met. More on her later, maybe. Probably not. I mean, it's not like this is some kind of blog or anything.

I'll have another update later this week, probably with more football avatars.

- 09/04/2007, 12:09 AM PST
Rob icon A Couple more avatars
Still having trouble sleeping. This sucks. Fortunately for you people, I like to update the site when I'm up at 4 in the morning.

Here are a few more SAS avatars. I'm moving at a glacial pace with these right now, and hopefully the SAS crew will forgive me if I eventually get enough of them done. The Brooks avatar is easily the best of these, done to make him and Ronde Barber look like a scene out of The Godfather.

- 08/30/2007, 4:24 AM PST
Rob icon Odds and Ends
Still keeping to my mostly-weekly update schedule. Anyways, this week I've just got a couple of things to post. Major stuff next week, probably.

Over the weekend, I got an email from a 3d modeler from the Czech Republic named Frank who posts on the forums. There's an RTS building design competition going on over there right now, and he wanted to use one of my old Necron building designs for the contest. I told him sure as long as he gave me proper credit (the prize for winning the contest is a magazine subscription). Here's the concept art for it, and the model he made. I'm going to be texturing it this weekend:

In other news, two of my friends have new sites. Greg has abandoned his old site,, and now runs Failure Cascade, his new blog. Be sure to pop over there and call him a fag in his comments section.

Also, fellow goon Raddits finally got his online portfolio up and running. He's a solid artist, and good at flash. His site is called

Finally, for those of you that remember Frank's cooler younger brother, Jake "Donkeyslayer" Hallstrom, he's got a new blog where he's been posting his art. This one's just listed by his name.

I've also added these to the links section. Enjoy them, and I'll be back in a week or so.

- 08/24/2007, 8:24 AM PST
Rob icon Man vs. Shark 3: Shark Harder
As promised, in this huge update I'm posting the third set of Man vs. Shark images, this set from San Diego Comic Con 2007. Because Jon and I couldn't get tickets when we got to the San Diego convention center (and you can't buy tickets online after 6 months out from the event), there was a chance that I might have been stuck outside. So I made a list of sketches that Jon had to get for me if that happened. My scavenger hunt list of artists was this:

- one Webcomic artist
- one artist who is terrible but doesn't know it (and isn't the webcomic artist)
- one writer
- one guy with no line next to a guy with a really long line (take that, guy with long line!)
- one artist who isn't at the con to sketches or work at a booth (so someone bringing a portfolio to get it reviewed)
- one good artist that no one is talking to
- one semi- to actually- famous artist
- one goon
- one female artist

The only possible problem with my list was that I put it opposite the first page of sketches in my book, so potentially an artist going back through the sketches would see the list, and possibly think that they were item number 2: terrible artist who has no idea he's terrible. In order to allay those concerns, I went ahead and did a "fake" terrible sketch and checked that one off the list early. The first two here are mine: the intro page and said terrible sketch.

The next set here, left to right, are by Adam Archer, artist of "Teen Titans Go!" (and my artist with no line who was next to Jim Lee's booth), goon artist Snicket, a random artist getting his portfolio reviewed (didn't sign the sketch), and writer Brian Azzarello (of Man of Steel and Stray Bullets fame):

Next I hit up the Keenspot booth, to get both my "artist who is terrible" and "webcomic artist" sketches. From left to right, these are the writer for, the artist for (who gets the 'terrible award just because her writer did a better sketch), Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive fame, and the artist for some furry webcomic whose name I can't recall. For the record, I don't read any of these and had only heard of Shive because the SA forums frequently rag on his webcomic as one of the worst out there (which I don't dispute, but there are worse).

Ok, this next set are: the writer from the webcomic Least I Could Do, who was next to Scott Kurtz, the world's fattest man. The next two were a real find, though: the inker and penciler who worked on the original Street Sharks!, and who told me were currently in the process of working on a new toyline and show. Jawesome! Last in this row is the guy who was manning Jim Lee's booth after Jim Lee went to a panel. So really, just some Asian guy, but he couldn't believe that I didn't know he wasn't Jim Lee. After some coaxing though, he buckled.

This last set is mostly real artists, though. The first of these is Livio Ramondelli, a Wildstorm concept artist working on environment art for DC's upcoming MMO, and who just got the job about 3 days prior. Second up is an artist named D'Anda who was really good. Then I hit the booth of a painter named (MnMenos or something similar) before stopping at my last table, where I got sketches from David Hahn, artist of "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" (which is, unfortunately, the best Spider-Man book out there right now), and Colleen Coover, of Banana Sunday fame.

Whew, that was a shitload of sketches. Anyways, it was a lot of fun, and kept the con from getting boring after two hours, which is usually when I get sick of seeing the con's attractions and start to realize that the whole event is basically brown-nosers and people trying to sell you stuff. I did get to play some new unreleased videogames though, so that was a bonus.

Ok, back in 7 or so.

- 08/14/2007, 06:00 AM PST
Rob icon Previously on Electro Bert Jones...
Alright, so before I can show off the Man vs. Shark images I got at San Diego Comic Con, I need to recap the previous images. If you will recall, I got the following two sketches out of Baltimore Comic Con last August, one from the ever-awesome Scott Wegener, and one that I did myself:

Ok, so those you've seen already. What I haven't posted here yet are the sketches of dude fighting shark I got at New York Comic Con the following January:

Going left to right, and from the top, the artists are:
My intro page sketch
The artist for Spawn, Brian Haberlin
Paul Southwork, of fame
John Paul Leon, artist of Wintermen
Reboot concept artist Jim Su
Some random artist named Travers
Cartoonist Bill Plympton
Writer Todd Dezago
Some random artist named "Ed"

So that wraps up our interlude. Join me next time for the exciting conclusion!

- 08/07/2007, 9:15 AM PST
Rob icon My Trip, part 1: Drinking a lot
Well, I'm back, and [probably] better than ever.

The trip was a blast, despite a couple of rough patches here and there, and was a much-needed week off for me. Here's the basic rundown of how it went:

Friday - After some delays in Phoenix, I got into Oakland at about midnight. Albert got in on time, so he was already there. After waiting for about an hour and a half, my bag finally came off the plane and we headed to my folks' place and crashed.

Saturday - Woke up and decided to go running. My folks' apartment building is on a Lake called Lake Meritt. There's a nice trail that runs around the lake that is perpetually covered in goose shit. We (Jon, Albert, my dad, and I) decided to try and conquer the 3-mile trip around the lake. I got a good mile and a half down before I walked it. Then we had a huge breakfast courtesy of my mom (eggs, bacon, fruits, etc). Afterwards, we hit up the Golden Gate Bridge with my pops. If I can get the photos from him, I'll post them. In the afternoon we went to the Colisseum to see the Orioles playing the Athletics. It was Haren vs. Traschle, so yeah, the A's won. We did get totally rip-snorting drunk at the game though.

Sunday - My dad had a cookout on Sunday, to which he had invited a bunch of friends from work. For those of you who have never been to a cookout thrown by my folks, just keep in mind that while *I* buy ribeyes for my steak-cookings (for the lower price and larger volume of meat), my mom buys filets, meaning that the cookouts thrown by my parents are fucking awesome. We also jammed a lot (Albert's getting pretty good on bass) and got drunk on 4 bottles of a strawberry wine that reminded me a lot of Fragolino.

Monday - Woke up early and hit the gym in my parents' building with Albert and Jon. Did a passable job of getting all of my usual Monday workout completed. Got my sister to drive us out to Fisherman's Wharf, where we walked around and saw some seals, played some air hockey, and then had a beer and dinner in an Irish pub near Ghiradelli Square. Later that night, we went out drinking over in Berkeley with my sister and some of her friends, who were o.k.. We spent most of the night in a student bar (fortunately Jon wasn't carded) that was running an open mike night. The acts were ok, but some of them were good. They had great Heffeweizen on tap and some drunk guy taught me how to *correctly* get a bartender's attention and not look like a dick. Aftewards, we ate at Denny's.

Tuesday - Didn't do a whole lot on Tuesday. Spent some time recuperating from the previous nights' festivities. Ate lunch at an Italian bistro near my dad's work with my parents. The food was exceptional, which was to be expected, since the restaurant's head chef was from Ferrara (the Italian town where I once took up residence). In the evening, we spent a couple of hours at a jazz club/coffee house and then decided to see a movie. There was this theatre near my folks' house (the name of which now escapes me) that was showing "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Albert and Jon had never seen it, so we decided to go.
Now this particular theatre was awesome. Apparently, it was an older theatre that had been rennovated by some new owners and instead of having traditional seating, the theatre rooms had couches, comfy chairs, and tables. They also had a kitchen, so you could order pizza and beer and have the pizza delivered to your table during the movie (which we did). We managed to squeeze Jon in by pleading the case that he turned 21 in three hours, and Albert and I drank a bunch of Eagle Eye Amber Ale, which was surprisingly good. Later that night, we went back into Berkeley for some more drinks to celebrate that Jon had just turned 21.

Wednesday - Spent some time sleeping off the previous night. Had some breakfast. On Tuesday, we had decided to go see a San Francisco Giants' game today because a) it could potentially mean seeing Bonds breaking the record, b) AT&T park is awesome and c) fuck you. So on Wednesday the plan was to go out to see the Giants play the Braves and then celebrate Jon's 21rst birthday. Again.
Helping us celebrate was one Jake "Donkeyslayer" Hallstrom, the little brother of my freshman roommate and highschool acquaintance Frank. He had moved out to San Francisco to do art school. Around 4 pm, we met up with him and his girlfriend in the financial district and hit up a German bar called "Schroeder's" or something. The place was great, as we were served 1-liter glass mugs of Heffeweizen, which was fucking awesome. We downed those badboys and then walked across the street to an Irish pub called Hennessey's or something, where we did a round of Irish car bombs and had a couple of rounds of beer before realizing that we were going to be late to the game. We grabbed some McDonald's, said goodbye to Jake and girl, and started to walk to AT&T.
That turned out to be like a 4-mile walk though, so about halfway there we ended up grabbing a bike cab, which took us the rest of the way. We got to AT&T at the top of the 4th inning and grabbed some beers and our seats. The stadium was packed, and our $20 seats were maybe the worst sit-down seats in the park, but the park itself is beautiful, and like Camden, there are really no bad seats. We drank and watched the game (Giants won), and then ended up pissed that Bonds didn't even play. Then we decided to walk back to the Subway and just stop at bars along the way. We stopped at a microbrewery about halfway back to the station and had some appetizers and a few more rounds of beer. Suitably drunk (Jon was waaaay gone), we staggered back to the subway only to find it had stopped running at midnight ('the fuck?). So we grabbed a cab back, had some beers at my folks' place, and passed out.

Thursday - Most of Thursday was spent recovering from Wednesday night. Also, I was hurting for money after going out drinking every night of the week so far. Albert rolled out around noon and we ended up grabbing dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Friday - Friday Jon and I flew down to San Diego for Comic Con 2007. I'll report on that in the next post, either tonight or tomorrow morning. I have images to go with that one.

Saturday - Had some breakfast and headed back to Baltimore. Got in around 2am.

All in all, it was a hell of a trip. I'm glad Albert came out, because that really pushed me to do more drinking than I would have done if it had just been me and Jon (Jon's got a much higher hang-out inertia than Albert). Now whether that was a good thing is debatable, but whatever. Also, the weather was fucking perfect. It was about 75 degrees and windy the entire time, and in the evenings it got pretty cool (hell, downright chilly). So yeah, I'm probably moving out to the west coast at some point.

- 07/29/2007, 11:44 AM PST
Rob icon Back in LOLkland
Ok, I'm breaking my "no posting without adding content rule" because I don't have access to a scanner at the moment, and I'm trying to force myself to update the site more often.

Currently, I'm back in Oakland, staying at my folks' house. I've taken the next week off of work, and I plan on spending some time enjoying the good weather and hanging out. Joining me on this trip out to Oakland are my ever-surly roommate Jon "Crion" Bernhardt, and freshly-minted Harvard alum Albert "Aaaaaalbert" Heath. Together, we plan on tearing up the combined bay bridge area with the force of a thousand hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes all rolled into one. It's even better because Jon, who's been 19 for the past 4 years, finally turns 21 this week (Wednesday). The current plan is to get him drunk and get him to do something he'll regret for the rest of his life. Camera phone, don't fail me now!

Other than the general "go drinking" plan, it looks to be a pretty busy week. We're hitting up the second game of the Oakland/Baltimore series today, which should probably end up as the A's getting payback for losing last night. Then tomorrow my dad's throwing a big cookout, for which he has purchased a variety of steaks. Monday and Tuesday are currently devoid of plans, but that's merely because we wanted to keep them open.

It also happens that Friday Jon and I are flying out to San Diego for Comic Con 2007. This is really more important to him than me, as he wants to hand off a bunch of work, but I figured I'd go and rub elbows and see the event. I usually enjoy the Comic Cons, at least for the first 4 hours, and I'll get to meet some interesting goons as part of the process. Plus, I'll get a chance to expand on my "Man vs. Shark" collection of sketches. I had a new batch done at NYC Comic Con back in February, but I never uploaded them to the site. I'll do that when I get back though.

Ok, that's it for the update. I'll update later in the week, possibly with an MSPaint or something, or some kind of story that outlines the scope of the shennaneigans we've been up to.

- 07/21/2007, 11:28 AM PST
Rob icon Insomniac Sketchbook Theater
So for reasons I won't go into at the moment, I can't sleep. What better time to finally update my site, I think?

What I'm posting here is a chunk of the work that I did at eCity about this time last year. eCity is a branding/graphic design company out in Elicott City. I was hired there part time as an illustrator last July. Problem was, the lady that owned the company (my boss) didn't really know what to do with an illustrator, and wanted me doing graphic design, which is kind of like asking someone who pilots ships to build one. Needless to say, it wasn't a very good job (despite the great pay and hours -- I was only working 3 days/week), and I'm glad it's over.

The stuff below is an assortment of things I did for them. Some of them are company ads to go in Baltimore Magazine, some are backgrounds from a never-produced flash cartoon, the blueprint one is a postcard to advertise the company. None of it is terribly good.

The stuff I did like that I did there is here. One was an ad with a sketch of a compass that I really liked at the time. The other two are panels from a "Meet the e-City action team!" comic I was asked to do for the company newsletter. One you've seen before (that's me), the other is Nic, a good friend of mine.

That's it for now. Back soon, I think.

- 07/17/2007, 5:30 AM PST
Rob icon Fall Fashion Preview
Hells yes, weekly updates. I might even update again later today! Well, ok, maybe not.

Anyways, I've mentioned a flash thing that I've been working on a couple of times, but I haven't really gone into detail. Now that I'm starting to get more of it done, I figured a preview was in order. I've been meaning to learn flash for a while, so when a co-worker suggested I make a program that would show people what I was wearing each day and let them pick out my outfits, I said "hey, why not?"

The preview image that I'm showing you is a wip screencap from Illustrator. Basically, it'll work a lot like a digital paper doll. Only not all gay and stuff. It's taking a long time because drawing every piece of clothing I own in Illustrator takes forever. So I should be done with it in like, 10 years:

But what to call this thing? Well since it's a little bit of a blog, and it's about fashion, I've decided to call it a "flog". Great title, right? Right. The only problem is, *some* people, like my co-worker Cecil Hall, have decided that the term "flog" should refer to food web logs, in which they post about what they've had to eat each day. It's a travesty of justice that he's claiming to have invented the "flog" term, but check out his site, it's pretty funny sometimes, and it mentions me (so it's not all bad).

You may be saying at this point, "But Rob, why should I care about this clearly trivial bullshit?", and the answer is that the internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Also, shut up.

Ok, back in a few days or something.

- 07/15/2007, 10:16 AM PST
Rob icon Saturday Morning Leftover Pizza
This is for Caroline, a friend of mine who is bad for me in that she continues to encourage me to believe that I'm at least half as funny as I think I am (and which is still twice as funny as the rest of you actually are):

For those of you unfamiliar, it's a spinoff of the format for Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

- 07/11/2007, 9:40 PM PST
Rob icon More? Tetra Concept Art
Still getting these out monthly. Need to tighten the screws. I totally missed that "this weekend" deadline.

A quick, non-blog update: I'm still working on more SAS avatars, the Legendary Studios game (art may or may not be posted here), and my flash applet.

In the meantime, I've posted some concept art I did for the now defunct project Tetra. It's been on the site for a while, I just haven't uploaded it or done much with it. I'll post some more Tetra CA in a bit, since I've got plenty of it sitting around. I'f I get some time this weekend (ha!), I'll update the whole GDC Projects section with Tetra art, and do a little post on the game itself.

- 07/07/2007, 11:21 AM PST
Rob icon Stop-gap solution
Hm. At the very least, I'm hammering these updates out monthly.

A quick, non-blog update: I'm currently working on a game with Legendary Studios, more football avatars for SAS, and a new Flash applet that should be fun to play around with.

So keep your eyes peeled for those things and keep checking this space. Ideally I'll be back this weekend with an update.
- 06/11/2007, 7:43 PM PST
Rob icon Back to the Draft
So I'm currently working on a new round of football avatars for the SAS goons. This year, I've changed the format up a bit, and I'm doing them by team in the order laid out in the draft (hence why the first two posted here are Raiders and Lions jerseys... Browns and Cards are up next).

They're turning out pretty good so far, which surprised me given that I no longer have a good tablet to use. I can be pretty handy with a mouse, though.

The avatars you see here are of JaMarcus Russell, chasing the also new and slightly overweight Raiders acquisition Mike Williams, and Calvin Johnson (with a bajillion other Lions WRs). As usual, you can click on the thumbnails to see the full-size image. Enjoy!

- 05/25/2007, 12:41 PM PST
Rob icon Madden is Fat (obligatory "LOL")
I'm back, baby! And I'm updating my website. Sure, I'm like, 2 months late with this, but I feel like you were going to wait anyways. I don't mean to hurt you like this, it just happens.

Mostly, I haven't updated because I just haven't felt like scanning or uploading anything new, and I've been busy with the new job. What I've uploaded today is a makeshift e-vite that I did. See, there's the girl I like, named Christina, and I wanted her to come to my Superbowl Party (which, might I add, was a smashing success the likes of which may never be matched again by mortal hands). So I invited her. And she promptly responded by telling me that I couldn't just invite her all verbal-like, I had to have plans and directions and send an e-vite to make the whole thing official.

I balked at this. E-Vite? 'The fuck is an e-vite?

An ordinary man might have taken this as a sign. Clearly, the lady just doesn't want an invite, and is trying to blow me off politely. Maybe she really does want an e-vite, and I'm just being retarded. Well, me being the stubborn bastard I am, I cobbled this thing together a couple evenings later. It was half to get her to come to the party and about 70% so she'd think "Wow, this guy is totally awesome and maybe not afraid to maybe hammerpunch a guy in the face if he's mean to me." I think it totally worked (again, the amounts of success which one could attribute to my life choices range from "massive" to "Brobdignagian"), and needless to say the hottie attendance levels at my Superbowl Party were at an all-time high.

So now it's here for your enjoyment and perusal!

- 04/12/2007, 9:28 PM PST
Rob icon Toot Toot
These updates just get sparser and sparser, don't they? Well, I'm going to do that thing again where I promise more content in the next week or so to the eight people that read my terrible, terrible half-blog internet mutant, and then continue to not deliver. Or maybe this time I will. Whatever.

Anyways, I'm in Oakland at the moment, checking out my parents' new place. It's pretty nice, but the real bonus is the weather. I went from 2 degrees with windchill to having to worry about it getting down to 60 degrees after the sun goes down.


Anyways, I'll have some new content later, the very least of which will be the e-vite I made for my Superbowl XLI party, which only one person saw.
- 02/19/2007, 9:45 AM PST
Rob icon Life Lessons
Ok, so I promised content and now I'm going to deliver on it. I've got more on the way, but at the moment, I've uploaded the three Life Lessons I did for a Power Point presentation. The Life Lessons are the crux of TLC's "new" (starting in April 2006) positioning campaign, wherein they make amusing mock-up Hummel figurines of supposed valuable lessons that you could learn in life. So while I wait for Christina (more on her later. Maybe. If she lets me write anything. We'll see) to finish her nightmarish list of post-work chores, I'm going to upload them. Enjoy!

- 01/26/2007, 7:20 PM
Rob icon Major Overhaul
Crap, it's been a long time since I updated the site. For a while there I was really really busy trying to balance work, school, the game dev club, and working on a comic strip for the school newspaper. Now I'm just doing work and the gdc, so I'm going to come back and update the site. And man, it needs it. Sometime this weekend I'll upload a whole bunch of new material, and flesh out the sections that still don't have any content. My hard drive failed a while back, and so I've been using my work laptop instead, but I'll just rescan the old stuff that I was going to upload.

Otherwise, things have been good. I'm going to start trying to update this more often, so check back soon.
- 01/18/2007, 7:08 AM
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